Do pictures reveal the TRUTH?


Dear friends and Fellow Americans:
I was in high school the day President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.
Many people have wondered about this event?
Few pictures ever existed!
The Zapruder film raised questions and concerns.
But, the single poloroid photo is by far the single most interesting.......???
The poloroid photo has sought people to search the "Grassy Knoll" area for the secret shooters in the bushes. It has been deeply targeted to keep all people searching the "Grassy Knoll" area?
Below is an accurate copy of that poloroid shot:
And, a blowup...not of the "Grassy Knoll", but of the area right next to a corner of a building far from the knoll and exactly WHERE THEY DO NOT WANT AMERICANS TO LOOK AT!
What do you see so clearly?

We use large text for the Vision impaired. 
Annlee is also vision impaired. 
We are not shouting! Thank you...Annlee 



This is the poloroid picture: To download for exploring simply right click and choose save as or save picture.
Now you can use PAINT to explore it!


I used Microsofts PAINT program to look at the original poloroid picture. With just PAINT I found the area next to the buildings corner AND IT OPENED MY EYES!
I did not use any other photo program upon the picture: Did not have to!  PAINT showed it crystal clear!
A sad event for The United States of America


Ask your self Americans:
And, why they only want you searching the "Grassy Knoll"?
And, then ASK WHY?
They could not see the shooter ?
They could not deny the poloroid picture existed?
You decide!
You can search for the poloroid yourself
in search engines to see this is the the EXACT PICTURE TAKEN, and we have not changed it whatsoever?
He was our President!
He was assassinated as our President!
American has changed since that day?
Update: October 2011
We watched another program on television where they were trying to explore ALL KNOW PHOTOS AND FILMS of the terrible attack. They also used this photo!
And, they completely missed looking at the corner where the "sniper was laying down"?
Now this is sad: Once more they scrolled the grassy knoll and the fence, but not the entire photo. Ask why folks?


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