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Exploding Pumpkins can smear your face?

Many thousands of years ago when the Great Cedar stood 100 feet tall shining into the face of the sun. First man was given a seed to grow by the raven and talked into planting the seed along the great divide we now call the Mountains of Mankind.

That was the beginning?

Or was it?

The Exploding Pumpkin?

As told by Wha-O-Chee

BearCaveShopsRaven was created in the beginning and right after First Man but before the rib was removed where woman came from to keep man at peace.

Raven was as black as the midnight without the moon in the sky! And, was a tale teller who had few concerns for Mother Earth and the things of the Creator. Some say even today that Raven was the the one that led the snake to try biting the Nation in years later to yet arrive.

First Man was walking among the Great Cedars and continuing to name all the creatures still with out names granted by the Creator. When he spied Raven sitting in a dried out berry bush.

Raven called out to man: Hey! Are you hungry?

Man replied: Food is the needed for life! So yes I am hungry.

Raven said: I found a unknown seed and I will teach you to plant it and reap the havest if you say to me "I want it!" For you must choose with your own will to do a thing upon Mother Earth for not even I the Raven can tell you what to do.

This was the foundation where it still stands: That no man may tell another man what to do, but can give an opinion of advice. This is true yet today with all Warriors!

First Man looked at Raven and said: I want it!

Immediately Raven reached with his beak and plucked a whitish seed that had a hard line run all around it and dropped it into the hand of First Man. And went on the Raven: Now you have my seed and go forth and plant it under the shade of the Great Ceader and cover it with wet moss. You will in two moons have a beautiful orange surpise and you may eat it.

First man took the seed and did exactly what Raven told him to do.

Two and 3/4 moons later as First Man went back to the shade of the Great Cedar to see what could be seen for he had now finished naming all the rest of the animals. He saw great vines with bright orange giant fruits. First he tried picking up one of the largest only to discover it was far to heavy for him to lift. He then settled on a smaller one he could carry to his Tepee.

Fist man was excited over this new food and hurried to decide how to cook it!

Into his fire pit a flame he placed the orange delight and sat and watched the flame!

Fisrt man knew when he cooked meat to allow it to turn color and this thing must he do the same. He sat and watched.

After much time watching and seeing the colors change it exploded all over his face.

In flew Raven and said: This you have done! The pumpkins are in the patch and you have let out the seed and it will go forth around the earth and when in a fire shall explode in the face. You have loosed my seed upon the Earth.

First man cried for he knew he had done a wrong upon the Creator and Mother Earth.

Mother Earth saw this and cried!

Creator heard the cries and spoke his Word. First man cut the orange things with faces and Raven shall loose what he desired: But if you do not it shall explode back unto all mankind. Moreover, unto you I also make it a food after you have cut it into pieces and removed the rind which is the power of the Raven: But, you loosed the pumpkins and they shall flourish.
Happy Halloween


Halloween and the Native People

By storyteller Annlee (( Copy Protected Story ))

BearCaveShopsLong long ago along the two rivers and the clouded
falls, and as far as stories have been told at the fire by the elders.

A long, time ago the human people believed that evil spirits and demons caused destruction and misfortune. Like the crazy crow or the all seeing Owl.

One legend says that near the fall when people are celebrating the hunting festival many jealous ghosts kept on trying to trick mortal humans by letting them in by the fire.

With promises of great herds and deer without numbers,

And the human people started to believe the spirits

A wise and very old respected medicine man brought to the human people furs of the fox, and furs of the racoon and the bear, and explained if they often wore masks of these and if they went out after dark to keep from being recognized by the ghosts they would be protected by the Heart of the Buffalo.

Throughout parts of the Nation the word went forth. And, the weary warrior's carrying the tale were like the poor because they were outside their tribes and clan, and would go from teepee to teepee begging for flat cakes or sweet berries.

A long time ago, was when the human people wore masks whenever diseases and disaster or famine struck. They believe that their masks would scare away the cause of the bad things. As the tale from the beginning was told and retold around the Great Fires as the Winter's approach started to fill the air with crispy winds.

Then after many moons even the young human children dressed up to scare the Spirits....

In the new country called the New World is where, the human being children would gather to the wooden log homes where the friendly woman would give candy, cookies and apples to the adorned human children in exchange for promises of no naughty tricks or mischief which in the air?

Even more stories were told about the human being.

Much later, as the country grew and the human beings declined: The children of the wooden houses began to dress up but did not have the animal skins of the human people.

Where it began that, they started to made their own,

And many could not sew well? There by came the costumes of rags and strange things.

To this day we see the people of the wooden houses claim it their idea!

But we human beings know the story told!

May you all enjoy the above:
Medicine Woman of the Bear Clan


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