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Halloween in Arkansas City, Kansas with the "Witch" is a great fun filled evening for everyone!
Annlee Cakes sponsors the entire event each year.

Halloween Magic Foam Fountains

Halloween night in Arkansas City, Kansas was a great success and an adventure for children and parents to share playing in the Magic Foam Fountains. A great event for each year!

We end the lighted dancing fountains each year on Halloween Night with the creation of stabilized foam that is s0000000000 fun to play with.

You can trust me! Look into my eyes?

Booootiful am I

Magic Halloween Foam

Simple and easy

BearCharmShopMaking a foam is simple!

If you have fountains or water displays add these items, and the foam begins. It is safe and we use it to clean the pumps and system and close down the fountains after Halloween. We have even used it to clean and close up inground pools after Halloween of course? Double the formula for an inground pool and it is fun to swim and play in! LOL

If you do not have water displays: A small pump can be bought at hardwares for under 15 dollars. Use any container and you have a foaming item. The foam will just keep speading creating more effect.

People can carry the foam around? Bounce it in the air? It is still there the next day sometimes?

Magic foam: Glycerin: Available at stores like Walmart or drugstores....this holds the foam for playing with.
Large bottles of Bubble Blowing liquid

To our large water fountains we add 1 bottle glycerin and 2 large Bubble Blowing bottles.

Halloween Magic Foam? Video just below

is fun viewing for the entire family, and will give you ideas for making your Halloween Special with "Magic Foam".




Squid Booootiful am I

Come and peek at the "WITCH" halloween products exclusive ONLY at our shop.

In each module THE WITCH has a surprise?

Halloween gift giving is easier than you think!

Blesssings......THE WITCH
Bear Charms and More
Halloween WITCH has that perfect gift for self, friend and family.

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